Endorsed by Minneapolis Area Realtors:

“Like you, the Minneapolis Area REALTORS® supports the advancement and protection of private property rights and homeownership. Our goals include workforce housing, adding inventory through development, and closing racial housing gaps. We appreciate your interest and support on these important issues. We look forward to collaborating with you to ensure local ordinances and housing programs reflect our shared commitment to these values.”

Eric J. Myers, Government Affairs Director

Endorsed by Neighbors

MN Sun Post Letter to the Editor: “LaRoche represents Crystal’s best”

Excerpt (Read full letter here):
We appreciate that Nancy believes that Crystal city politics should be run locally without party endorsements and that she has been an active participant in the city of Crystal for as long as we have known her. Her thoughtfulness and knowledge of Crystal and its needs and her commitment to continue to make Crystal a better place to live have won our vote.

Nancy LaRoche has the McHenry Family’s endorsement!

Kathleen, Walt, Benjamin, Robert and Daniel McHenry, Valley Place Neighborhood

Just a small  FYI – Since you planted your sign in my yard,  I’ve received 2 phone calls,  3 people stopped me while walking my dog (you only witnessed one),  and 2 people emailing me
asking me about you, if you were honest, and ‘I don’t know WHO to vote for this year,’ etc.   I told them ”I love her, she’s a good friend, and on the Park and Rec. commission.” You got their vote!

M.T., Bassett Creek Neighborhood

We met while we were walking our dogs almost in front of your home. I sure hope that you get elected!!! I am going to vote for you & have my boyfriend vote for you too. If I could get the dogs to vote, they would too. I almost stole the sign out of your yard just to put it in mine. If there is anything I can do, let me know. Wishing you all the BEST & VOTES!!!

B.B., Valley Place Neighborhood

Thanks for the message, Nancy! You easily won my vote awhile ago, being a MST3K fan only solidified it. Good luck, my wife and I will be voting for you!

J.G., Forest Neighborhood

I received your mailer and wanted to say I appreciate the part that said “endorsed by neighbors not political parties.” You have my vote.

M.W., Fair Neighborhood