October 1, 2020:
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What specific city programs do you feel need more funding and how would you reallocate funds to make it possible to enhance those programs?

A reserve for capital projects (roads, water/sewer, buildings, etc.) is in most need of funding. Crystal is an aging city with aging infrastructure needing repair or replacement. The cost in today’s dollars is estimated near $60 million for all replacements over the coming years.

To pay for these programs, the city is funding via incremental increases in the overall levy and utility rates. We switched to a two-year budget along with long-term financial planning, which is reviewed annually to adjust if needed.

In five years, our reserves will be more in balance with expected maintenance/repair needs around Crystal.

Planning with responsible funding allows the city to review and reallocate as needed to meet individual project needs. This approach keeps Crystal financially secure to pay for future repair/replacement needs as they come and not burden residents with large assessments (often with added long-term interest/fees).

Do you support the proposal to build a new police facility and would you support payment through bonding or through the city’s “pay as you go” structure?

The current police facility is aging, technologically outdated and extremely short on space. I support the new project, which would be added on existing land next to the current building. The new structure design is more accessible to residents and more functional for staff.

Funding our capital reserves continually and incrementally over time allows the city to pay during planning and construction. By not bonding, residents pay only the actual costs for the building while avoiding millions of dollars of extra interest payments. Bonding can be a useful tool, but not needed for this project.

Responsible, transparent budgets are appreciated by residents I’ve talked with — and the majority support Crystal Police Department’s community-based policing with an improved facility to serve us better.

May 27, 2020:
Nancy LaRoche Announces Re-Election Candidacy for Crystal City Council, Section 1

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CRYSTAL, MN – Nancy LaRoche, current Crystal City Council member for Section 1, announced that she is running for a second term. Section 1 encompasses Wards 1 and 2 in the southern portion of the city.

“Crystal has gone above and beyond with our strong community bond during this pandemic. I’ve seen neighbors dressing up in costume to greet others, first responders driving “Birthday Brigades” in city vehicles for kids on their birthdays, and people standing in line to support local restaurants for take-out meals. During tough times, we’ve come together to raise each other up. I would be honored to continue my work on the city council to continue civic engagement and inclusion.”

LaRoche is proud to be a part of many achievements in her first term, including improved communications, completing clean-up of city code, responsible spending, and empowering neighbors to get involved. She is also addressing the challenges of a new reality living in a pandemic.

LaRoche was elected in 2016 and her first term ends in December 2020. She serves currently as President for Crystal’s Economic Development Authority and was appointed to a second term on the Charter Commission. Previously, LaRoche was a council liaison for the Park/Recreation and Environmental Quality Commissions.

A Crystal resident for over 23 years, her community involvement also includes serving on the Crystal Frolics Committee for the past 8 years and various Crystal organization fundraisers.

LaRoche, currently working in medical clinic administration, is a graduate of North Hennepin Community College. She also graduated from Brown College in Radio/TV broadcasting and attended Ball State University.

Nancy lives in the Valley Place neighborhood with her husband, Walt, and their rescued dog, Spencer.

November 8, 2016:
2016 Crystal Mayoral and City Council Election Results
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“Newly elected Section 1 councilmember Nancy LaRoche spoke with the Sun Post about her excitement over the win. “I am humbled and honored to have won this seat. I look forward to starting in January, getting more neighbors involved and moving crystal forward.” She also thanked her opponent, Therese Kiser, for a positive experience on the campaign trail. “She [Kiser] ran a great campaign, and I hope she stays involved with the city. Her great campaigning gave voters the chance to compare us without negative name calling.”

October 26, 2016:
Letter to the Editor – “LaRoche represents Crystal’s best”

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October 20, 2016:
Twins, Toro team up to renovate Bassett Creek Park fields

October Update
Presenting the big checks for the Bassett Creek Park field projects were, left to right, Twins Community Fund Executive Director Bryan Donaldson, TC Bear, Crystal Mayor Jim Adams, Parks and Recreation Commission Chair Nancy LaRoche and Toro Company Worldwide Product Marketing Director Edric Funk. > Article

October 18, 2016:
Voters Guide: Crystal mayor and city council

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October 6, 2016:
Crystal Mayor & City Council Candidates Forum
(hosted by League of Women Voters)

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Crystal electoral field finalized

March 12, 2016
LaRoche declares Crystal City Council candidacy